Workshops are a vital part of the PAC project. They are how the project team reaches out to civil society, industry and technical experts to better understand what a Paris compatible energy scenario for Europe could look like. The workshops also act as an important forum for organisations working on energy and climate issues to exchange ideas and to grow our collective knowledge. The PAC project organises two different workshop series. If you are interested in participating in either one of them, please reach out to us via Please note that workshop participation is upon invitation only.

Modellers' Workshops

Modellers’ exchange workshops bring together experts from the modelling community and stakeholders with a strong interest in modelling. Each workshop focuses on a distinct challenge in modelling a future energy system and discusses how different modellers deal with new complexities in their work.

Modellers' Exchange Workshop - ‘‘Accelerating full decarbonisation: Resource optimisation in energy infrastructure planning’’

On the 2nd of February, the online modellers’ exchange workshop “Accelerating full decarbonisation: Resource optimisation in energy infrastructure planning” co-organised with Hitachi Energy took...

Fourth Modellers' Exchange Workshop

The fourth workshop in the Modellers' Exchange series focussed on the question: How can distribution grids be represented in energy system planning?

Third Modellers' Exchange Workshop

Building on the first and second PAC Modellers’ Exchange workshops, the session focussed on how we can better model flexibility.

Second Modellers' Exchange Workshop on synthetic gas

The second Modellers' Exchange Workshop was characterised by lively discussions, inspired by research from the Öko-Institut & Fraunhofer - IEE on the future role and potentials of power-to-gas...

First Modellers' Exchange Workshop

At this first Modellers’ Exchange Workshop, 32 experts from research institutes, grid operators, NGOs, energy suppliers, consultancies and think tanks compared modelling of power-to-x technologies.

Scenario Workshops

Scenario workshops allow participants to discuss assumptions on energy generation mix, consumption patterns, prices, technology development (among others) to develop a robust PAC scenario. The workshops are primarily aimed at civil society representatives with expert inputs from industry, academia and the policy sphere.

PAC Scenario as a tool for civil society engagement: EU & National pathways for climate neutrality by 2040

The updated results for the PAC Scenarios will be launched on 23 March 2023 with a focus on EU and national-level pathways for climate neutrality by...

Engaging Civil Society in Energy and Grid Planning

In the context of the PAC project, REN21 and UN ESCAP organised a workshop discussing the role of grids in the energy transition, and how civil...

Global outreach of PAC Scenario - Workshop on how to include civil society in grid planning

On the 21st of April, RGI contributed to an online workshop “Paris-Agreement Compatible Scenarios for Energy Infrastructure” organised by REN21 in...

Fourth Scenario Workshop

At the fourth PAC scenario workshop, CAN Europe and EEB presented key findings and gaps of the PAC scenario. The workshop collected members’ and...

Third Scenario Workshop

The third PAC scenario workshop continued developing civil society's priorities for a net-zero emissions world. We sought to wrap up, forge consensus...

Second Scenario Workshop

What energy mix will there be in a net-zero emissions world? These questions are discussed in Brussels at the PAC Scenarios Workshop, with civil...

First Scenario Workshop

The first scenario workshop of the PAC Project posed the question - "How much energy demand will there be in a net-zero emissions world?" and brought...