A call for an open source culture in energy system modelling

If you have a good hand of cards, you shouldn’t fear playing them face up – the establishment of an open source culture offers an effective way of ensuring transparency and coordinating research, thereby reducing delays in system transformation and accelerating the decarbonisation effort.

The PAC – Paris Agreement Compatible - scenario was published under an open data licence and, following its publication, was immediately taken up by different research institutions who provide new insights and further its findings. This example of the benefits of open data is one of countless which confirms the need for all who operate within energy system modelling to embrace an open source culture.

This document, drafted by RGI under the PAC umbrella, makes the case for open data within energy system modelling. It describes the current state of affairs, provides an introduction to the fundamental facts with which NGOs must familiarse themselves and details the many advantages of open source for the transformation of the energy system, as well as many other useful sources.  

Find the document below. In case of questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Antina Sander, Deputy CEO of Renewables Grid Initiative: antina@renewables-grid.eu.



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