PAC Consortium releases Co-creation Report on collaborative work on scenarios

A central objective of the PAC Project was to learn how working on scenarios can become a more collaborative process. This Report introduces and evaluates the different elements of collaboration which were at the heart of the project:

·      Passing climate knowledge to ENTSOs
·      Enabling civil society community to scrutinise TYNDP scenarios
·      Coordinating civil society to deliver its own scenario
·      Working with an open data license
·      Providing a space for exchange of the modelling community
·      Exchange with ENTSOs
·      Collaboration with the international community

How did the project begin, and how did it develop? How involved were civil society and other stakeholders? What results have come about? What is the way forward from here? The answers to these questions and more can be found inside this report.



Antina Sander
Renewables Grid Initiative

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