PAC Scenario Development: Civil society shows Europe’s way to climate neutrality by 2040

An updated version of the PAC Scenarios was launched on 23 March 2023, demonstrating how a Europe that meets the 1.5°C target could look like by 2040. During the launch webinar, EU and national-level pathways for climate neutrality were introduced, as well as their applications for advocacy and analysis.

Can you imagine a world where we reach carbon neutrality by 2040? Where renewable energy fuels industry and provides clean electricity to citizens?

The updated Paris Agreement Compatible Scenario, developed by CAN Europe and Climact, aims to update the EU scenario based on more recent data, as well as disaggregate the data at the national level of each of the EU27 Member States with national experts and member organisations.

Within this new framework, the PAC Scenarios continue to pursue a Europe-wide energy scenario which is aligned with the Paris Agreement’s objective to limit global warming to 1.5°C and which embodies the policy demands of civil society.

Considering that EU countries have to revise their National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) between June 2023 and June 2024, this data can be even more strategic and important. This is a fundamental opportunity for EU Member States to accelerate climate action and energy transition to bring NECPs much closer to their real, transformative potential and overshoot the European Green Deal ambition to achieve 1.5°C.

The PAC scenario findings offer a reliable, science-based, open-source benchmark for evaluating the level of ambition and transformation proposed by the countries





Dimitris Tsekeris
CAN Europe