Policy Brief based on exchange with TSOs and NGOs released

This policy brief by the Renewables Grid Initiative synthesises key takeaways from discussions that took place on November 18, 2020 as part of ‘100% RES in all sectors by 2040? – Exchange of European NGOs and TSOs about the PAC scenario’.

The Green Deal has made it clear that the time to ‘hide behind’ the remaining 20% of an 80% decarbonisation target is over, and that the future energy system has to be 100% decarbonised. In this context, the PAC scenario is perceived as a highly informative exercise on how a full decarbonisation of all sectors and the whole of society could look like.

The event on 18 November was organised by the Renewables Grid Initiative to understand how the PAC scenario is useful for the TSO community, to learn which assumptions are perceived as most challenging and to discuss opportunities on how to move forward.

This concise, 7-page document gives an overview of the TSOs' responses to the benefits of the PAC scenario for reaching decarbonisation and main points of discussion with regard to: energy imports, efficiency gains, innovation, policy, social acceptance, just transition and collaboration. It concludes by drawing four main points on which policymakers tasked with deciding Europe’s energy future should focus:

1) An environment fostering innovation for existing and future industries and businesses.

2) Suitable policy, a systemic approach to policy to ensure coherence and good governance.

3) Dedicated action to bring society and especially local populations on board, and special attention to the just transition.

4) Exchange and collaboration between different parts of society to provide balanced propositions on concrete next steps for the above points.

Find the document below. In case of questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Antina Sander, Deputy CEO of the Renewables Grid Initiative: antina@renewables-grid.eu.



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