Virtual PAC exchange event held with European TSOs and NGOs

This policy brief by the Renewables Grid Initiative synthesises key takeaways from discussions that took place on November 18, 2020 as part of ‘100% RES in all sectors by 2040? – Exchange of European NGOs and TSO’s about the PAC scenario’.

On November 18, RGI organised a virtual event for the exchange between the PAC scenario developers and European TSOs and NGOs to share perspectives on the technical, social and political feasibility of the PAC scenario and discuss the following questions:

•       What would it take to implement such a scenario?
•       Who should contribute to the implementation, what should be the roles of different actors?
•       If you had to develop a scenario to be climate neutral by 2040, what would be similarities, what would be differences to the PAC Scenario?

The main findings of this conversations have been summarised in a policy brief which you can download here.

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