The PAC project cited in media and research outlets

The PAC project is a collaborative effort which has not been seen before in this field and is increasingly cited in publications, news outlets and independent media. Below you will find a selection of recent media which directly references the PAC consortium and our work.

The consortium aims to inspire and help the establishment of similar processes by sharing our experiences with European and global audiences and thus welcomes references to our work. The consortium is happy to provide quotes for media organisations. Please get in touch at with any queries.

Público (PT): No enorme plano da Europa para a energia eólica, cidadãos ficam esquecidos

WWF report: Only 10 Member States’ wind energy ambitions compatible with Paris Agreement

Montel: EU will struggle to meet 50% of hydrogen target – experts

RECHARGE: EU’s green hydrogen goals 'could gobble up 30% of all European renewables supply by 2030'

HYDROGEN INSIGHT: EU’s green hydrogen goals could gobble up 30% of all European renewables supply by 2030: report

EURACTIV: Investing in new nuclear is ‘bad for the climate’, green advocates say