First Modellers' Exchange Workshop

At this first Modellers’ Exchange Workshop, 32 experts from research institutes, grid operators, NGOs, energy suppliers, consultancies and think tanks compared modelling of power-to-x technologies.

The first workshop focussed on power-to-x and its different potential uses.

Presentations and discussions revealed that benefits of power-to-x technologies in view of a stable net-zero emission energy system depend on the geographical location and on the short term, weekly or seasonal character of flexibility offered by power-to-x. Participants confirmed their strong interest to continue active exchange and support ENTSOs’ efforts to further improve their modelling architecture.

While the ENTSOs’ modelling approach represents a first comprehensive step for integrating power-to-x, the modelling of the German grid development plan (presented by 50Hertz) does already take the second step towards a detailed economic optimisation of power-to-x assets under market conditions.

Interlinkages of gas and electricity networks were identified as key challenges when it comes to an efficient infrastructure planning. Identifying synergies presupposes a robust understanding of the different electricity and gas demands in different sectors.

The METIS model developed by Artelys on behalf of the European Commission was welcomed for allowing transparent co-optimisation of different infrastructure and flexibility solutions.


Introductory Presentation
Renewables Grid Initiative

Power-to-X in the modelling of the German grid development plan (NEP)
Paul Nahmmacher
|  Strategic Grid Planning / Energy Market Modeling | 50Hertz

The METIS Project
Tobias Bossman | Project Manager | Artelys

Christopher Andrey | Director |  Artelys Belgium

ENTSOs Power to Gas
Dante Powell | Senior Market Modelling Advisor |  ENTSO-E

Workshop minutes