PAC project consortium meets for Annual Meeting in Paris

During this year’s PAC project Annual Meeting, partners met in Paris to assess past activities and discuss the project outreach and strategies for the upcoming year.

On 29 September, the Paris Agreement Compatible (PAC) Scenario consortium – composed of the Renewables Grid Initiative, the Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and REN21 – met in Paris for this year’s Annual Meeting.

Throughout the different sessions, the consortium overviewed each partners’ activities, assessing relations to the current European policy context, sharing knowledge and strategically thinking into the future of bottom-up energy scenarios.

As the second phase of the project dives into its last year, the discussions aimed at:

  • Presenting and discussing the work completed so far
  • Adapting the next year’s activities to the changing energy debate
  • Reflecting on available opportunities for synergies and further collaborations
  • Enhancing teamwork between project partners and aligning our collective messages.

The consortium also exchanged with a representative of Negawatt’s CLEVER Scenario, about the future opportunities and challenges of their respective initiatives.

Activities such as these showcases how the project partners are dedicated to further develop the PAC project to enable a European energy transition in line with the Paris Agreement.


Dr. Andrzej Ceglarz
Director - Energy Systems

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t: +49 30 233211014

Morjana Moreira dos Anjos
Renewables Grid Initiative

+49 30 2332 11000

Morjana Moreira dos Anjos
Manager - Socio-Energy Systems

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t: +49 30 2332 11000

Nathália Fernandes Pimentel
Renewables Grid Initiative

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