Paris Agreement Compatible Scenarios for Energy Infrastructure



The PAC project – “Paris Agreement Compatible Scenarios for Energy Infrastructure”– has been established to develop a future energy scenario for Europe which is compatible with the Paris Agreement. The scenario, under development by civil society organisations, shall guide European energy infrastructure planning and help to ensure that we are planning and building the infrastructure necessary for a future low carbon, renewables-based energy system.

The PAC scenario will be guided by three goals:

  • A 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040
  • 100% renewables in Europe by 2040 in all sectors


A call for an open source culture in energy system modelling

Engaging Civil Society in the Energy Transition: the Role of Grids

Policy Brief based on exchange with TSOs and NGOs released

Our Workshops

Fourth Modellers' Exchange Workshop

The fourth workshop in the Modellers' Exchange series focussed on the question: How can distribution grids be represented in energy system planning?

Fourth Scenario Workshop

At the fourth PAC scenario workshop, CAN Europe and EEB presented key findings and gaps of the PAC scenario. The workshop collected members’ and...

Third Scenario Workshop

The third PAC scenario workshop continued developing civil society's priorities for a net-zero emissions world. We sought to wrap up, forge consensus...

Third Modellers' Exchange Workshop

Building on the first and second PAC Modellers’ Exchange workshops, the session focussed on how we can better model flexibility.

Laurent Schmitt, ENTSO-e Secretary-General, on the importance of the PAC project for the TYNDP scenario building process

We asked Laurent Schmitt, Secretary-General of ENTSO-e about the importance of the PAC project for the TYNDP process, stakeholder-consultation for scenario-building and the future of the PAC project in the context of decarbonisation of the EU economy.

Claude Turmes, Luxembourgish Minister for Energy and Minister for Spatial Planning and MEP, on planning for an energy system based on renewables

The message was recorded on the occasion of the ENTSO-E 10 Year Anniversary Conference 2019.