Feedback on the Scenario


Feedback on the PAC Scenario

The PAC scenario remains a living document. It is a first comprehensive climate and energy roadmap for European policy-makers drafted by a broad range of civil society organisations. Yet, CAN Europe and the EEB know that many questions still need to be answered. We would therefore appreciate to continue this collective research exercise for Europe’s energy and climate future on the basis of the PAC Scenario. Please send us your feedback using the form below.


  • Chilukuri Bala Venkata Subbarayudu
    30. June 2020
    Good interaction. Is it possible to conceive a new global initiative to review the agreements arrived in the past and arrive at a global consensus on renewable energy and sustainability imperatives ?
  • Roberto Reyes
    30. June 2020
    First of all compliments and deep respect for the excellent work already delivered.

    Few questions:
    Have you considered the impact we can have on global shipping?
    Maersk (I have no bias or interest myself) being the largest global container shipping company is considering methanol.

    And to what extent do you think intercontinental connections and/or trades can be beneficial to Europe?


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